This past summer Peca set out to pursue our wanderlust. We stepped out of our comfort zone and set out to explore new pathways connecting us with other cultures.

Our summer adventure led us to a place called Domaine de Boisbuchet. Over 25 years ago, Alexander Von Vegesack created a meeting place for architects and artists, for designers and creative people from all over the world; to explore and experiment with like-minded people.

While in Domaine de Boisbuchet Peca participated in three different workshops, Cultivating nature, with Lex Pott,  Matters of Clay with Hadrien Venat, and Empreinte Vases with Ferréol Babin and Corning Museum of Glass.

Driven and inspired by nature and working side by side with designers we admire we can't help but let ideas to flow and creativity to flourish.

We are constantly experimenting with different materials and different techniques. This experimenting process is materialized in the evolution of our designing process.

A hub for different people from different cultures both challenges and gives shape to our experience here. Undeniably, this place has been like fertile soil to plant and grow our future projects.

There's a constant flow in experimenting together. We learn from one another. We carve. We cut and create. We smash and burn. We create and grow together.

Nothing is impossible! We use this vast array of natural materials such as clay, wood, and stone to challenge ourselves everyday: to come up with a solution that pushes the boundaries of design.

All around Boisbuchet there is an aura of joy, inviting us into the surroundings, to commune with nature and play with the elements. As said by Lex Pott: "Do not live up to expectations; follow your own expectations!"

We have been exploring with different techniques such as glass blowing. Expertly guided by Lewis Olson from CMoG and Damien François, we had the opportunity to experiment with glassmaking with the Anagama kiln.

This was such an exceptional experience! We are so grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by such talented, creative individuals who provided a new perspective and infinite inspiration for projects to come.