P E C A - Iconos del diseño 2017

Architectural Digest is a vibrant monthly celebration of international design talents featuring for the 13th consecutive year Iconos del Diseño. This award acknowledges the most significant Mexican architecture and design. We are very proud to announce that PECA's newest piece UMO fireplace was handpicked as a finalist and won the 1st place in this inspiring contest. UMO will deliver the purity of fire and balance through its warmth to everyday life in any home. Many thanks to the AD team for this wonderful experience.


P E C A - Design Week Mexico

STUDIOROCA, together with its brand UNION, has invited Caterina Moretti, head designer and studio director of PECA, to be part of their new collection, presenting a innovative version of Isla table in the Design Week Mexico.

STUDIOROCA emerged with the mission of integrating the disciplines of interior and furniture design, developing new concepts always in a proactive evolution in the field of design. The UNION collection is created exclusively for the brand by Mexican designers looking to expand their work.

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P E C A - Silla Mexicana

Mexican pride! We are excited to be part of the new book Silla Mexicana presented by Ana Elena Malet for Arquine Editorial. This incredible book shows through a chronological line the history of the most propositive and symbolic chairs of our country. Its importance in everyday life has transformed some of the most iconic models of Mexican design.

Let the Santa Clara organizers bring springtime to your desk

As we come home from Easter holidays, creativity abounds and ideas flow freely. It’s springtime and the energy of travel and leisure is ready to be harnessed into our projects.

The desk may pale in comparison to the ocean or the mountains but the Santa Clara organizers are here to beautify and inspire. Hand-sculpted marble gently embraces a small hammered copper bowl to create this versatile, artisanal accessory.

Buy them now and we’ll give you a 15% discount and a playlist for work selected by Juan Antonio Ángel (Gokú).


From april 12 to april 30

Lava and Hauri now part of The Citizenry Mexico Collection

The Citizenry is an incredible company that travels the globe in search of beautiful handcrafted products and invests back into the communities that produce them. We are thrilled that they have chosen our Lava plates and Hauri candleholders to be a part of their Mexico Collection. These items are now available for purchase in the United States exclusively from The Citizenry.


L´ArcoBaleno has selected a number of PECA designs to sell in the site’s highly curated design shop.

L’ArcoBaleno is the ultimate source for exploring, discovering, and collecting extraordinary design from around the world. The site’s mission is to enliven the global design conversation, support, great talent, and foster informed appreciation and passion for collectible design.